About Rick Dalrymple

Rick is America’s Risk Reduction Authority who believes in providing CEOs and CFOs predictable systems that allow organizations with 50-2500 employees to run profitable businesses.

As Seen On TV  Rick DalrympleAn industry-recognized insurance professional for more than 30 years, Rick’s expertise has been recognized by the national media and radio, and leveraged at industry meetings and associations. He invigorated the consulting division of his business after seeing the significant impact of the 2008-recession on his clients. Some of these clients lost up to 80% of their business and some went out of business. Rick knew that he had successful business practices, tools such as learning systems for employees, and fingertip analytics that could make a difference for clients- in his practice and those in the marketplace.

He entered a new phase of product development to validate a holistic system and individual parts to offer the marketplace.  This system is the Diamond Risk Reduction System, a 7-step process that predictably saves millions of dollars and empowers capabilities and staff efficiency. This system allows a company to take an operational investment and transfer it to a predictable system that makes the complex simple.  Net, business owners have a strategic partner in their growth with Rick Dalrymple to improve quality and increase benefits provided to employees (at no cost to the employer) or their bottom-line.